One more consultation with a therapist

In an effort to get a good idea of what I have ahead of me and also to confirm my decision, I scheduled an appointment with the therapist that I will be working with if I go through with this surgery.

Jason told me that he could work with me to strengthen my muscles, which might be helpful regardless of whether I have the surgery or not. I talked with him about the wisdom of my decision in regard to having surgery. He said that although he felt that therapy could help me, that he would bet that surgery would still be necessary to relieve the pain. He also said that the real pain and suffering that patients have as the result of this surgery comes, not with the post-op recovery while wearing a sling for 6 weeks, but with the therapy to follow. He said that the shoulder could require a lot of painful work on the part of the therapist to get the shoulder moving again.

As a result of my consultation with Jason, I am still led to believe that I will go forward with the surgery, even though it’s going to be a very unpleasant recovery. I have tried to find even one person who could tell me that “it’s really not so bad,” but I have not found such a person. So, I will show up this Thursday and pray that God will help me through this procedure.

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