Tennis one more time before surgery

In an effort to remind myself why I’m going through with this surgery, I decided to play tennis with my son. Although I have been playing tennis once a week, I have only been “rallying.” I have not been serving, because that is the element of the game that really brings on the pain in my shoulder. Playing more than once a week and also doing serves is what causes the problems. Any overhead motions will cause the pain to return.

As I expected, the night after I played tennis, I had a good bit of pain, but it was the second night after that really brought the pain back. I believe that if I began to limit my activity, I might be able to forego surgery, but if I get the surgery now, I may be able to have less pain and a longer and more active life. 

So, Thursday I will go in and get my operation, and hopefully I will not regret it, but will find it to have been a good thing to have done.

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