Day Four – Be Careful!

Once again, I slept pretty well last night. I have found that sleeping semi-reclined in my Lazy Boy recliner works the best. I do not use the recliner footrest though, because that makes it too hard to get out of. Instead,  I use a separate footrest, that I can push out of the way when I need to get up.

Today, I was reminded of why I’m not permitted to drive. I was making my way out to the kitchen to put my ice pack back in the freezer, when the pack began to fall. Instinctively, I tried to catch it with my right hand and had a huge sensation of pain in my shoulder.

Until things get well on their way to being healed up there, you don’t want to be making movements that could do damage to what has been repaired. When things happen suddenly, our bodies respond involuntarily to remedy the situation. In so doing, you can do damage to the work your surgeon has done in your shoulder which can require another operation.

That’s why it’s important that you don’t drive or do other things that could provide the potential for damaging what your surgeon has just endeavored to repair. Follow your doctors orders, and you’ll be much better off for it. The strong pain I felt when I lunged to catch the ice bag was a little reminder of why I must be very careful with my shoulder until it’s had a good chance to heal.

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