First postoperative doctor’s appointment

Well, it’s been two weeks since my surgery, and today I had my first appointment with my surgeon since my operation.

I first had the stitches removed from my three incisions. Then, xrays were taken to examine the areas where he removed bone spurs and did  Subacromial Decompression.

The doctor said that everything went well, and that I had a 3 cm tear (a little more than 1.25″) which is classified as a medium tear. He showed me pictures of my shoulder area which were taken during the surgery and explained them to me.

I will begin therapy starting October the 2nd. My therapy will begin with what is called “Passive range of motion” – PROM exercises. These are exercises which you do by means of your therapist, who actually moves your arm for you. Later, I will move into the AROM (active range of motion) exercises, which I will do myself.

Since I’m right handed, my doctor is advising that I do NOT drive until well after I’ve begun my physical therapy sessions.

I am to continue to use the pain medication as needed.

I like my doctor and have confidence in him. His staff is also very competent and nice. I am very grateful for all of this. My next appointment will be October the 12th.

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2 Responses to First postoperative doctor’s appointment

  1. Nancy says:

    So glad to hear your doctor’s appointment went well Tom!!! Continuing to pray for you healing and appreciating following your progress through your blog. Love you!!


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