Week 9 update

I feel like I made some good progress this week. I have started pushing the pain envelope when I do my exercises at home, and I do think it will help me reach my goals sooner. All of this is new ground for me since I haven’t had to deal much with medical problems in my life.

I can now almost comb my hair, and I can eat with my affected hand (but with pain). I am also able to touch my nose, which I have not been able to do until this week. I have much more range of motion than I did 2 weeks ago.

Today, when I was finishing up my therapy session, I was seated next to a lady who also had RC surgery. We began to talk, and she told me that she was about a month farther into her therapy than me. She said that her shoulder had frozen up, and that she was not able to lift her arm much above her waist. I asked her what they were going to do about that. She said that all she can do is keep coming in for therapy and hope that it gets better. She said that she feels that she would have been better off if she had not had the surgery. She is about 5 years older than me.

I am much farther along in my recovery than this poor woman, even though I’ve been in therapy a shorter period of time. She was a very sweet woman, and I do feel sorry for her. After talking with her, I felt grateful for the progress that I’ve been able to make. And, I hope that when this is all said and done (my therapy), I won’t be regretting my decision to go through this, like this poor soul was.

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