Week 10 update

This week was pretty uneventful as far as anything new (it was week 5 of therapy). At this point, my therapy consists of 30 minutes with the therapist doing *PROM exercises, and then all the rest of the therapy are exercises which I do under the supervision of a “tech.”

A “tech” is a therapist’s helper. They take you around to the different equipment and make sure you do your *AROM exercises. They coach you as you do them and correct you if you are not doing them properly. Most of the painful things that my therapist used to do to me (PROM exercises), I now do to myself (AROM exercises).

With the exception of the 30 minutes with your therapist, you are now doing all the work of rehabbing your shoulder. And on the days you are not doing the ROM exercises with your tech at the therapy center, you are doing them at home, which takes me about 1.5 hrs and 1 or 2 pain pills. The only day off for me is Sunday.

The only real difference now between my therapy at the center and at home is that before I begin my sessions at the center, they start me off with the heat and anodyne treatment, and then I get about 30 minutes with the therapist. At home, I just do my exercises and finish up with an ice pack on my shoulder, which is also how I finish up my sessions at the center, except that they also use a machine that produces electrical impulses along with the ice treatment.

There are 2 times a day that I feel really good. The first one is after I’ve taken my pain pill, and before I’ve begun my exercises. The second one is after I’ve taken my pain pill, before  I go to bed. The rest of the time, I’m in pain to one degree or another.

But, I do believe that I’m making steady progress with my therapy and my arm is definitely getting stronger. I will continue to persevere in all of this in hopes that soon I will be back to doing EVERYTHING I was doing before surgery – and hopefully doing it WITHOUT PAIN. (pain is such a pain :()

*PROM – “passive” range of motion. The therapist does all the movements.

*AROM- “active” range of motion. You do all the movements.

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One Response to Week 10 update

  1. Pattie says:

    Keep up the good work, I am proud of you! LOYL Pattie

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