“The Rubber Band Man”

During my therapy session on Friday, Jason was trying to stretch me. He seemed to be getting frustrated with my tendons and sinews. He told me that I was “like a rubber band.” I asked him what he meant by that. He said that he is able to get me stretched out real well, but then he comes back to a certain stretch, which he had already worked on, and it had tightened up again just the way a rubber band contracts after being stretched out. There’s not much I can do about that.

Yesterday during my therapy session, there were so many people in the main therapy room, that I had to move out of the way for people while in the middle of grueling exercises. When I did my resistance band exercises, I had to watch that I wasn’t bumping into someone on my left or right. Therapy is big business, and I guess they try to cram as many of us into the room as possible ($$$). It is very noisy, crowded, and quite honestly, frustrating. I am so ready for this to be over, but far from it.

I have been in therapy now for 8 weeks (with a 2 week vacation in there from Jason, but not my own exercises). I asked Jason on Friday to grade my progress from A to F. He said that he would not do it that way. He said that it is more like a “pass or fail” type grading system. What I was looking for is some kind of honest assessment of my progress, as compared to other people who have gone through this. He didn’t give me a grade, so I guess all I can do is to “keep on, keeping on.”

One thing I know and that is, if this therapy does not achieve the desired result, it won’t be because I’ve been slack in my “at home” therapy sessions. It takes me about an hour and a half to get through my workout, but I do it religiously.

I’ve told Jason many times that the only thing I ask is to be able to hit overhead smashes like a 16 year old again. I don’t thing that is asking too much – do you?

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2 Responses to “The Rubber Band Man”

  1. Anita says:

    Well, Tom, I think you deserve to be able to nail those overhead smashes again. You have certainly run the good race and fought the good fight. We continue to pray for a complete restoration of your shoulder.

    • Tom says:

      Thank you so much, my faithful Christian sister. I am very grateful for your prayers as I continue to make slow, but sure progress. Jason told me today that he felt I was 50-55 percent of the way.

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