Week 16 progress report

Today I had the longest therapy session so far. It lasted 3.5 hrs! I am definitely progressing, as they add weights to many of my exercises. They are also adding many new exercises. All of this is good news, because it means that my muscles are getting stronger and my range of motion is getting better.

As I advance in my therapy, I’m also starting back into some of my projects around the house. Yesterday, I was painting with my affected shoulder. It did bother me while I was doing it, but I thought that it would be a “sort of therapy,” so I ignored the discomfort. Last night, I experienced some of the most pain I’ve had so far since surgery. It was so bad that neither ice, nor my newest pain pills would calm it down. It wasn’t until I took one of the stronger pills that I was finally relieved of the pain and was able to get to sleep.

I am hoping that the pain level will settle down for a while, as we will be hosting guests over the holidays, and I am hoping to be in a hospitable frame of mind.

Have a very blessed Christmas and New Year!

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6 Responses to Week 16 progress report

  1. Pattie says:

    Great news that you are progressing and getting stronger, not so great that you did not sleep well. Thank the Lord for retirement and the ability to take naps or go to bed early. LOYL, Pattie

    • Tom says:

      I am indeed thankful for my circumstances in regard to this recovery. God is definitely helping me to “endure hardness as a good soldier,” 2 Tim. 2:3.

  2. Anita says:

    Glad to hear some encouraging news about your journey, Tom. I trust this means you have “turned a corner.” Love you lots!

    • Tom says:

      Yes, Anita, I do believe I am “over the hump” and am on the descending side of the slope. I hope to be hitting overhead smashes soon! Have a very BLESSED Christmas (I know you will!).

  3. Brenda says:

    I am so thankful for your blog! I will have a similar surgery Jan. 2 and I am filled with trepidation. Reading your blog has eased my mind and spirit so much. It will be bookmarked and read daily as I begin my journey. Thank you for your efforts and honesty. I wish you continued recovery, and I cannot wait to hear about your first tennis game!

    • Tom says:

      Hi Brenda,
      Thank you for the encouraging words regarding my blog. It is for people like you that decided to do it. I will remember you in prayer as you also begin the journey, and I’ll surely let you know when I’m back out on the courts again. May God be with you.

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