The New 30 Day Plan

Today I had my first therapy session since my appointment with my surgeon. I told Jason about the MUA (manipulation under anesthesia) idea of my doctor. He did not have any good things to say about it from his perspective. He told me that after the procedure, I would be in a lot of pain, and I would have to have therapy EVERY day afterwards for a period of time.

I told Jason that I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of the MUA. The words “rip, tear, possible fracture, possible dislocation, and possible re-injury of the repaired rotator cuff” did not sit well with me and literally scared me into trying extra hard to avoid such a procedure. I told him that I have already started back up my at-home exercises with greater determination to push the limits of my pain. Jason told me that he thought that we could make the progress and avoid the MUA. He said that, although I was not where he would have hoped at this time, he thought that we were making slow progress and that as long as I have not “plateaued,” that we could avoid the drastic procedure.

He then ratcheted up my therapy several levels, and I submitted to the painful process, which lasted 3.5 hrs. Today, I completely gave up any resistance to what he was doing. Normally, Jason works on me for about 20 minutes, and then I do all the other exercises with the supervision of a “tech.” Today was different. Today I had 2 sessions with Jason, with the first one lasting about 40 minutes, and then a second one at the end of all my exercises. That one lasted about 15 minutes. He then followed me around while I did some of my AROM exercises to critique my methods and correct me where I wasn’t doing them just right.

I believe that with the new vigorous measures we are taking, that I will almost surely have to go back on the pain medication. The Ibuprofen has been working well enough with my mild pain level, but now that I’ll be back to my at-home stretching exercises and the more aggressive measures of Jason, the pain level will move up into the moderate zone. He even gave me 4 more new stretches to do at home.

I am completely willing to do whatever I can do to avoid the MUA procedure. I will have more pain and may have to get back on the pain pills, but I will surely get back on the pain pills with the MUA, and the therapy will be much worse. So, this is my last ditch effort to save myself from more misery, and I’m “all in” for it.

When I left today, Jason said with a smile on his face, “29 more days.” I told him I was ready to do what it takes. And, at that, I grabbed a cream-filled Krispy Creme doughnut (which some kind soul brought in) and headed out the door. Another session concluded/survived.

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