Frozen Shoulder

Last week my surgeon told me that he would recommend a “Manipulation Under Anesthesia” (MUA) as soon as possible to free up my shoulder range of motion. After more discussion, he suggested waiting another 30 days to see if more progress could be made with aggressive therapy. He never mentioned the words “frozen shoulder.”

After my appointment with him, I googled that procedure and found that it was a treatment for frozen shoulder. On my next appointment, I talked to Jason (my therapist) regarding my doctor’s recommendation for the MUA procedure. I also asked him if that procedure was for frozen shoulder. He said that it was. I then said, “so my condition is frozen shoulder.” He said, yes, basically. I understand that your care givers don’t want you to have anxiety about things, but I really appreciate it when people just tell it like it is. Not once did my therapist or surgeon mention “frozen shoulder,” until I pressed the point.

Last week, I posted that Jason mentioned a medical device that could be used by me to help with my condition. Yesterday, a representative from the company that sells these devices called to talk to me about my purchasing one of these devices. While we talked, I asked the rep if these devices were for people with frozen shoulders. She said, “Yes, that’s exactly what they are for. This confirms what I’m dealing with.

Today, I got the call from another representative from the medical device company. She will be fitting me for the device on Thursday at my therapy center. She will also show me how to use it at home (which is where it will be used).

So, on Thursday, Jason’s “plan” for me will become a reality. I’ll get fitted and trained for how to use this device to free up my frozen shoulder. I’ll let you know on Thursday what I learn, and about the new therapy process. This could be a way for me to avoid the MUA procedure and not tear up a bunch of tissue or do other damage to my shoulder.

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