Good news today!

Last month, I wrote in my blog that my doctor wanted to do an Manipulation Under Anesthesia because of my shoulder being frozen, but he sensed that I was not excited about that idea, so he agreed to give me another month to hopefully get things loosened up.

After my appointment with my doctor and his recommendation to do an MUA, my therapist recommended an  JAS EZ Shoulder System to my doctor, which he agreed to and wrote the prescription for it. I have been using that every day, 3 times for 30 minute sessions. It appears that the device may have helped.

Today, I went in for my monthly checkup with my surgeon. We began by my reaching up with both arms simulating a touchdown. There was a noticeable difference between last month’s touchdown and this month’s. Last month, my left arm went all the way up (like it should), but my affected right arm went up about 60% of the way. This month it went up about 75-80% of the way. My doctor liked the improvement he saw, and said that I am about where I would be if he would have done the MUA last month. He said that, at this point, he would NOT recommend doing the procedure. Instead, he told me to continue in the therapy for another month. He said that he thought I was going to be alright.

I asked him also whether it would be alright to go out on the tennis court and hit a few balls. He said that would be alright, but cautioned me not to have any 4 hour matches. 🙂 He said to avoid serving and be careful to listen to my body if things begin to get painful. In other words, take it easy.

So, today I received the news I had hoped for. I did not want to have to go through the MUA, and now it’s “official” – no MUA! Yeah!!!

I will now begin my 5th month of therapy – 3 days a week for about 3 hrs per session. But, things are looking up, and I am very happy about that. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support for me. I am very grateful.

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4 Responses to Good news today!

  1. Anita Wilson says:

    Oh, Tom, that’s wonderful news! I am so happy for you! That truly is answered prayer! We will continue to pray, and please be careful on the tennis court.



  2. Awesome news Tom and I’m sure your diligent hard work has helped. I hope you celebrate, a little!

    • Tom says:

      Thanks a lot. 🙂 I have more work to do, but I am definitely encouraged by knowing that the dreaded MUA is no longer a possibility. And, although my shoulder is very stiff and tight, I am making slow progress. My doc even said that hitting a few tennis balls could help to loosen things up a bit.

      I’ll be celebrating when I’m out there on the courts again enjoying the fresh air and doing the kind of exercising that I enjoy!

      You take care, and I’ll be over to your blog to check on you. 🙂

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