Final therapy session today

Well today I was discharged from my formal therapy. I would have to say that I got somewhat emotional over it. I have been working with these people for 5 months now and have developed a personal relationship with them. Even though I have had a lot of pain and suffering in that place, all the people that work there have been very encouraging and nice to me.

Jason (my therapist) made up a list of exercises and stretches that I have to maintain until I am fully recovered (full recovery is 9 months to a year). The range of motion exercises are to be done every day and the strengthening exercises are to be done 3 times a week. I can have Sundays off.

For the last 5 months, I have been going in for therapy 3 days a week for sessions that last about 3 hours. Now, I just have to be disciplined to do the remaining work at home. Once I get closer to the full year, I’ll be able to say that I’m “healed,” but right now I can just say that my formal therapy is completed. On Wednesday, I have my monthly appointment with my surgeon.

I am very thankful for the good professional care I have received. I really appreciate how God has gifted individual people to do what they do.

The surgical team gets you prepared for surgery. This includes the nurses who insert your IV into your arm, the anesthesiologists put you under, so that you never have to feel any pain, while the surgeon goes into your body and makes the repair.

The surgical team hands you off to the therapists. They seem to have a gift to be rather upbeat and encouraging, while they have you grimacing in pain. At least that’s the way it seems at the therapy facility that I have been using.

Isn’t it a wonderful thing that God gives each of us skills that we naturally just want to do? All of these people who have attended to me have all done their jobs, from the nurses to the surgeon, to the therapist, to the pharmacist. All have played their part in helping me to get my shoulder working right again and hopefully, when I get closer to my full recovery, I’ll be able to say that it was worth it all. But, regardless of that, I am very thankful for all the nice people who have done their jobs well to help me.

I am also thankful, that I have been able to afford all the care I’ve been given.

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” – First Thessalonians. 5:18

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2 Responses to Final therapy session today

  1. Nancy says:

    Congratulations on your “graduation” Tom!!! Looking forward to hearing what your surgeon has to say tomorrow. I have little doubt that you will be a slacker and not continue to do your at-home-therapy. You have done so well so far and I know you want to “finish the race” the very best that God allows you to!! Love you bunches Tom!!!=)

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks a lot, Nancy. I even got the t-shirt to prove I graduated. All the therapists said a big, “Good bye, Tom!” in unison. They are really a great bunch of people. I am very fortunate to have had such a facility so close to my house (about 2 mi.).

    I started the full program this morning. The only thing I need to be completely prepared is to go to Walmart and buy a few more dumbbells (which I will do this afternoon). It’s going to be nice to just do my exercises at home – not to mention cheaper. Even though my insurance paid the lion’s share of my costs, my co-pay was still sizable to our budget.

    I’m doing well so far because of my great cheerleaders – thanks, Nancy. You’re a great sister. 🙂

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