6 month appointment with my surgeon

Today I had my 6 month appointment with my surgeon. He recommended that I discontinue my formal therapy and do my exercises at home. He scheduled one more appointment for 6 weeks, which will be my last one if all is well at that time.

I can say that I feel very blessed to have had the medical people who have attended to me in the last 6 months. Everybody who I have had any dealings with were very nice and helpful to me.

I have had several people praying for me, and their prayers have all been answered to my benefit. It has truly been a journey, and I am closer to the finish line. With my formal therapy, I have made it to the finish line. With my coming appointment with my surgeon on April 10th, I will have reached the finish line with him. And finally, when I can once again have complete range of motion (I don’t yet because of my frozen shoulder problem) and no pain, I can say that I have reached the end of my journey. But, I can now do most of the things I used to do before surgery, and hopefully when I get closer to my one year anniversary from surgery, I will be completely recovered.

To those of you who are considering having this operation, and those who are at some stage of recovery, I hope that you have found the information I have chronicled to be helpful to you. It has been enjoyable to me to write the things which I have experienced. I thank the Lord for His healing and for those He has sent to  encourage me along the way. May God bless you!

Note: Because of my frozen shoulder problem, it has taken me longer to get where I am. For those without this problem, you will not be in therapy as long as I was (5 months). You could be done in 3 months and have more range of motion than I do at 6 months.

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2 Responses to 6 month appointment with my surgeon

  1. Joy Thorson says:

    I am in week 2 of post rotator cuff surgery Physical Therapy and needed to find some information regarding what I should expect from my treatmemts. I had surgery on Mar 1 and was started on physical therapy on Mar 4. I was doing pretty well for the 1st two sessions, but last Friday was horrible! I decided to search the internet to learn more about what realistic expectations I should have regarding my PT when I found your blog. I cannot tell you what a blessing your writings are to me! I am so thrilled to see your references to scripture – I know it was not by accident that I was directed to your blog. Thank you, thank you! I am going to print your entire blog so I’ll be able to read it aften. Again, thank you. God bless you and may your recovery continue to be successful and complete! Joy, from Iowa

    • Tom says:

      Hi Joy!

      It is great to hear from you. I think of corn fields when I think of Iowa (and I like cornfields!).

      I’m glad you found my blog, and that it has been helpful to you as you recover from your surgery. My doctor did not start me on therapy for 6 weeks, but I have talked to other RC patients whose doctors got them into their therapy very soon, like your’s did. But, I developed frozen shoulder, which may have been due to my arm being immobilized for so long. Hopefully, you won’t have a problem with that, because it is not fun at all.

      I’m sorry to hear that your last PT session was so bad. I have seen folks come in for their therapy who thought it wouldn’t be that painful, and at first, it wasn’t too bad. But then, their therapist gets more aggressive with them, and they soon realize that it will be worse than they imagined. When it comes to PT, it’s “no pain, no gain.” Ordinarily, pain is an alarm that you’re hurting yourself, but with PT it is a necessary evil.

      My wife and I will pray for you as you recover from your surgery and do your PT. Let me know how it’s going, and if I can be of any more assistance to you. It’s a rough road, but God will help you and even teach you things as you go through this. Thanks for the encouraging comment and may God bless you!

      P. S. One more thing that I want to mention. A friend of mine at my church (who is a physical therapist) gave me a wonderful ice pack, which I would recommend to you. He gave me one that sits nicely on my shoulder (the one he gave me is 12.5″ x 18.5″). It is BIG, but that’s why it stays put. A good ice pack is a God-send (every night before you go to bed). Here’s a link to their standard size which may be more to your liking. http://www.colpac-supply.com/chattanooga-1552colpac.html

      Here’s a link to the one I have: http://www.colpac-supply.com/chattanooga-1556colpac.html

      I have used mine a lot, and it should last for many more uses.

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