10 month update

It has been 10 months and almost two weeks since my surgery. At this point, I still have tightness when I raise my arm up for a “touchdown.” I have about 90% range of motion now. I still experience occasional pain, but nothing like it was before surgery.

If I stopped playing tennis, I might not have any pain (but I like to play tennis). This week I played two days back to back, which caused me to have pain later on in the week. Fortunately, it rained today, or I would have been out there again. I say “fortunately” because, my shoulder really needed to recover before I went out again, but I would have played were it not for the weather. Thank the Lord for His merciful providence. Even bad weather can be a good thing! (Romans 8:28).

My main problem before surgery was trying to sleep at night and having pain most of the time during the day, unless I took Ibuprofen (often). The surgery on my right shoulder has relieved most of that, and in a couple more months, it could be even better.

Now, my problem is my left shoulder, which has all the same symptoms that my right shoulder had. Now, it’s my left shoulder that wakes me up at night with pain. I am definitely not ready to do this again, but that may be something that will have to happen ultimately, because I still want to be active and do everything I can.

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