I’m believing in it now

Last night, my son and I were out on the tennis court hitting for 3 hrs. After we finished, my son told me that he believed that it was the best we had ever played. We’ve been playing since he was a young boy, and so it has been about 23 years.

If you added up all the time we’ve spent together hitting tennis balls, it would be a lot. It has been great exercise and also, time spent together with my son. We both love to play, and when we’re both playing well, we hit a lot of balls and run a lot.

My son told me that I am hitting the ball like I did before my rotator cuff surgery. He said that he could tell that I am now believing in my shoulder, because I’m taking a full swing at the ball.

This coming week, I have another appointment with my surgeon for my left shoulder (the one that has not been operated on). A month ago, he gave me a steroid shot in that shoulder, and it has helped a lot. It hasn’t fixed anything, but it has definitely gotten rid of the pain. I will be glad to tell my surgeon (who I really like), that his work on my right shoulder has been a huge success.

These doctors are a gift from God. They spend a lot of their life studying to prepare for what they will do for the rest of their working lives. They are very smart, and they are very skilled. They also work long hours helping their patients. Am I jealous because they make a lot of money? Absolutely not! I am very grateful for my surgeon – and I will tell him so on my next appointment!

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2 Responses to I’m believing in it now

  1. Nancy says:

    This was such great news Tom!! So thankful to God for His healing hand on your right shoulder and also thankful for the very special time you get to spend playing tennis with Danny! Such a blessing!!:) Waiting to hear how your appointment went with your surgeon.


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