Final surgeon appointment

Last week, I had my last “scheduled” appointment with my surgeon for my left shoulder. I have been having similar problems with my left shoulder which I had with my right one, before I had that one operated on last year.

On my previous appointment (August), the doctor gave me a steroid injection. After about a week, most of my serious pain had been relieved. I still have pain when I reach around behind, when putting on a belt or other similar motions, but overall, it is improved.

At this point, the doctor told me that we will do the shots as needed, unless/until things get worse. Once the shots are no longer effective, then we will have to consider surgery to remove bone spurs, which the doc says is causing the problem. This is much less invasive than the rotator cuff surgery, and the recovery time is also less.

I told him that I had some shooting pain radiating down my arm from my right shoulder (the one I had operated on) earlier in the week. I had spent 4 hours pressure washing my house, and then the next day, I played tennis for 3 hours. The doctor told me that I overdid my use of the shoulder. He said that complete healing of the rotator cuff can take as long as two years. That was the first time I remember him (or anybody) telling me that.

So, no more appointments with my surgeon until the steroid injection in the left shoulder wears off. I sure am thankful for these doctors and for what they know how to do.

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