Now the left shoulder

On August 27th, I will go in for surgery on my left shoulder. It will be almost 3 years to the day, since my operation on my right shoulder. I had that one done on August 30, of 2012.

I have gone to physical therapy to rule out any possibility that that might fix my problem. It won’t. My therapist told me to expect that it will be a full rotator cuff repair, just like my last one. He told me that, because my surgeon suggested that he might just have to go in there and clean things up a bit.

My therapist said that, according to the MRI which was taken 3 years ago, I already had a tear in my rotator cuff. He said that it has, most likely, gotten worse, and that according to what he has seen working with me, I should “expect the worst and hope for the best.” He said that, although the surgeon has tried to make me feel optimistic about it, he believes it will be just like my last surgery.

Two weeks ago, I requested an appointment with my surgeon to get another steroid injection to give me relief until my scheduled surgery. The doctor informed me that he could not at this time give me another injection this close to my surgery, because it would cause a 50% higher probability of getting an infection after the surgery.

In preparation for my operation, I have been instructed to avoid taking the pain medication which has been allowing me to sleep at night. Now I have to discontinue its use, so that after surgery, the pain medication will work at its best level. The doctor also said not to take any NSAIDs, as they also cause a problem during surgery. He said that I would just have to “tough it out” until the 27th, although he gave me a script for some mild pain medication that doesn’t work as well.

I am actually anxious to get this over with. The pain in this shoulder will not abate until I get it fixed. I know what to look forward to, and I’m ready to do it. I just need to get everything caught up on the home front that requires the use of two arms.

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2 Responses to Now the left shoulder

  1. Nancy baxter says:

    Oh, Tom….I’m so sorry to hear this and can’t imagine the pain you’ve been in!!! 😦 We will certainly be praying for you regarding your surgery as well as the “toughing out” time before surgery!!! 😦

    Our love to you and Pattie,

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