Surgery tomorrow

I will show up tomorrow at 6:30 AM for my left shoulder surgery. I’ve been fitted for a new fancy sling made especially for shoulder surgery patients. I wish I would have had one like this for my right shoulder, as it provides much better support for your arm.

I feel like I’m mentally prepared for this and have worked hard to get everything caught up at home that needs to be done with two arms.

I will not know until I wake up after the procedure exactly what my surgeon did. He told me that he would do whatever needed to be done once he gets in there and has a look at everything. I do expect a full rotator cuff repair.

Today I will be setting up my “nest” by my Lazy Boy recliner. This is where I will spend a lot of time during recovery. I will gather some good books to read and set things up to do everything with my right hand.

I will also roast some Ethiopian coffee beans, so that I’ll have fresh roasted coffee to enjoy when I can’t do much else. Like the saying goes, “Life is too short to drink cheap coffee.”

Last, but not least, I’ll set up my coffee roaster to be able to do it with one arm. 🙂

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4 Responses to Surgery tomorrow

  1. Anita says:

    Tom, I see you have your priorities for post-surgery–including having those coffee beans roasted for your enjoyment! 🙂 We will be praying for a successful surgery and a complete recovery. God bless you!

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks Neen. I appreciate it.

  3. Nancy baxter says:

    We have been praying all goes well tomorrow, Tom. Please keep us posted!

    I’m glad you have your priorities in place!! (Coffee 😉

    Love you, Tom!!

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