Post surgery update 8/31/15

Thursday, August 27th

Arrived at surgery center at 6:30 AM.

Got prepped with IV and surgical gown and red socks.

Anesthesiologist informed me that they would not be giving me the nerve block, which provides 12 hours of pain relief after surgery (like they did for my right shoulder) . Instead, they would be giving me a “cocktail” of drugs that would give some relief. The nerve block allows you to come out of surgery without having serious pain (like I did this time).

Next, they pushed me back to the operating room and anesthetized me.

I woke up in the recovery area with level 10 pain (see my header above for a description). The anesthesiologist tried to get my pain under control with a couple of drugs. It wasn’t working. Finally, he said he would give the strongest drug available. He said that he would be able to smash my kneecap with a sledge hammer without my being able to feel it. He was right. In a few minutes, my pain level was much better.

After the operation, my surgeon told Pattie that this shoulder was much worse than he expected. He worked on me for almost 2 hours of what he thought would be a one hour procedure. It had a 3.5 centimeter tear. We didn’t leave the surgery center until 12:30 PM. This operation took longer than my right shoulder because there was more damage.

Because of the strong pain medication that was injected before I left the surgery center, my first night was almost comfortable.

Friday, August 28th

Friday night things got bad again. I was taking the maximum dosage of Percocet, but I was still in extreme pain. I was finally able to reach the on-call surgeon. He instructed me to take a Tramadol along with the Percocets. After a half hour, my pain level became tolerable and a trip to the ER wasn’t necessary. I have slept in my Lazy Boy recliner since the surgery and will continue to do so.

Sunday, August 30th

Today, I was allowed to take my first shower. It would have been great if I didn’t almost pass out after removing the big messy bandage while in the shower. Moving the affected arm around to get the sling off made it hurt really bad, which made me perspire profusely and start to pass out.

The last time I experienced this was when Jason (my physical therapist) was doing PROM exercises on my right shoulder. It seems kind of strange, but when you’re in a lot of pain, you perspire a lot. I like to think I’m a pretty tough guy, but when it comes to hospitals, needles, and medical procedures, my wife is way tougher. I later told my wife about this and she said, “I’m not sure about me being tougher than you.” She said that she doesn’t know if she would deal with that kind of pain any better.

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