Hurricanes and Rotator Cuff Surgery

Rotator cuff surgery and hurricanes are somewhat alike. The initial surgery is like the front side of the hurricane with the initial torment of pain. Then, there is the eye of the storm where things are calm and bearable. This is where I am presently. Then comes the the back side of the hurricane, which is the physical therapy. They say that the back side of a hurricane is worse than the front side. That’s how it is with RC surgery. The physical therapy is worse than the post surgery pain.

Today I had my post-op appointment with my surgeon. I got my stitches removed and my shoulder x-rayed. The doctor explained what he did and showed me pictures that he took inside my shoulder. He told me that it was a bad tear which took all of two hours to repair. He said that had we waited another year, he may not have been able to repair it, because the damage would have been too extensive.

During my pre-surgery therapy, Jason (my therapist) told me to suggest to my surgeon that we begin PROM exercises at 3 weeks, instead of the 6 weeks that we waited on my right shoulder surgery. By starting therapy sooner, we may avoid the frozen shoulder that I experienced with my right shoulder.

Today, I mentioned Jason’s suggestion to my surgeon. He said that he would agree to that because he knows and trusts Jason. He said that he would not agree to it with someone he didn’t have confidence in, because a mistake at this juncture could ruin the repair, and there would not be a fix for my shoulder if that were to happen.

So, next week, I will go from the somewhat peaceful eye of the hurricane to the back side. The doctor gave me a new prescription for pain medication and an order for physical therapy. I think I can hear the winds picking up. Here we go again.

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2 Responses to Hurricanes and Rotator Cuff Surgery

  1. Anita says:

    I like the analogy to the hurricane! Good writing!
    It sounds like you are moving along right on schedule, Tom. With your admirable self-discipline–and God’s help–I’m confident you will complete the PT phase with good results.

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks, Anita. And thanks too for the nice card you sent. You are a great encourager. 🙂

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