First therapy appointment

Today, I had my first therapy appointment. It’s only been 19 days since my surgery. I was under the false assumption that Jason would be doing PROM exercises today. We did none of that (thankfully).

He propped up my arm, as it would be if it was in the sling. He then did some cold laser therapy, followed by ultra sound therapy. Finally, he stuck some electrodes on me, hooked those up to a TENS unit, and then applied ice packs to my shoulder. He also used something like a rolling pin to massage my shoulder.

Except for getting my arm into position for all of this, I had no painful movements. I asked Jason how long the whole process would take from start to finish. He said it would be at least 3 months, but probably 4, unless we ran into complications like we did with my right shoulder (frozen shoulder). He told me not to do ANYTHING with the affected shoulder. I have been doing things, but will stop all of that.

So, beginning today it will be 2 days a week until my 6 week appointment with my surgeon (10/7/15), and then it will go to 3 days a week. Even though we didn’t do much today, I have pain tonight from what little we did do. And now that the U.S. Open is over, the nights are going to be longer. 😦

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2 Responses to First therapy appointment

  1. Anita says:

    Tom, I’m glad to hear that the therapy wasn’t as painful as expected. Are you trying to avoid taking the pain meds to avoid “dependence?” Will you be doing exercises at home, as you did with your right shoulder?

  2. Tom says:

    I take the pain meds as needed, and at this point, they are the ONLY thing that gives me any relief. I also use ice packs. I can’t get to sleep without them.

    I will start the at-home exercises once we get past the Passive ROM exercises and into the Active ROM exercises, which would be sometime after my 6 week doctor’s appointment in October. For now, I don’t drive or do anything with my left shoulder. The Doc said that he could not fix it if it gets re-injured at this point.

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