Marking time

“Marking time” is a military term that means to march in place, and thereby, not go anywhere. I have been going to therapy twice a week for three weeks now, but haven’t made any real progress. We’ve been doing cold laser, ultra sound, and anodyne treatments.

On October the 7th, I will have my six week appointment with my surgeon. He will examine my shoulder once again, and then will give his blessing to my therapist to begin the aggressive (and painful) therapy that is necessary to stretch the tissue and loosen the joints that have been lying dormant for six weeks.

Jason, my therapist, has been hesitant to do much other than the aforementioned treatments, knowing that my surgeon likes to wait the full 6 weeks before getting into the really aggressive range of motion exercises. So, even though I have started my therapy sooner this time than my last shoulder surgery, we really haven’t done much that would put me ahead of schedule.

But, a week from this Wednesday,  he will have the green light from my surgeon, and it will be full speed ahead. We will also go from two days a week to three. If  everything goes well, I may be done with therapy around Christmas time. For my last shoulder job (which was performed within 3 days of this one – August 30th of 2012), I continued therapy until March the 6th, because of frozen shoulder. And even after that ( a full 5 months of formal therapy), I continued my exercises at home for another 6 weeks until my final appointment with my surgeon.

Every time I go in for therapy, I ask Jason when he thinks we’ll be done with all of it, and every time he tells me that he will not make a prediction. Even though I’ve brought him fresh brewed coffee and fresh roasted coffee beans, he still won’t give me an optimistic guess. 😦

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