6 week surgeon appointment

This morning I went in the have my 6 week post surgery appointment.

The doc said that I can now wean myself off of the sling. It hurts initially to not be in it, plus it’s good to have it on when you go out, so that people aren’t bumping into the arm.

The doc moved my arm into a couple of positions, and it was like electrical shock with the pain being instant. He said that because it was such a large tear, that I would have to take it real easy for next month. I asked him whether he would be communicating that to Jason (my therapist), because Jason said that after my appointment he would be greatly increasing the level of therapy (i.e. – more painful stuff). He promised me that he would call Jason and instruct him on how to proceed.

So, for the first time in 6 weeks, I’m typing with two hands again. I had started into it earlier, but had to stop because of pain.

I am SO thankful for my great surgeon and his wonderful staff.

I am thankful for my recliner which I’ve slept on for the last 6 weeks.

I am thankful for pain medication which helps me with the surgery and then the therapy.

I am thankful for Jason (my therapist) who tortures me, so that I will get my range of motion back.

I am thankful for Paula, who makes me my coffee when the torture is over and the ice pack and electrical stimulation is being applied.

I am thankful for ESPN3 (tennis matches), which has kept me occupied when I couldn’t get to sleep – or when I did fall asleep, but woke up again and couldn’t get back to sleep.

I am thankful for all the nice people who have praying for me, sent me cards, shared an interest in my situation, and were kind to me. It really means a lot.

I am thankful for my wife, who has been driving me everywhere to help relieve the boredom that comes with not being able to do my normal activities. She has helped me get dressed, tied my shoes, put on my sling, applied my ice pack  and many, many other things. I can’t imagine how I could have managed without her help.

I am thankful for the pain and suffering which has drawn me closer to God.

Finally, just like my last shoulder, I am making progress, slow but sure.

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