It begins

Today was my first therapy appointment following my 6 week post-surgery appointment. At this point, Jason moves into the aggressive ROM exercises that are painful. He said that he has some patients who are “loosey-goosie,” but that I’m not one of those. He said after today’s session that “it’s going to be a long road,” just like my last shoulder rehab.

He gave me a take-home sheet with exercises to begin doing at home twice a day on the days that I don’t come in to the therapy center.

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2 Responses to It begins

  1. Anna Wolf says:

    Good morning! I’m up at 2am because of shoulder pain and stumbled across your blog. First off, thank you! I’m having the surgery on the 30th ( scheduled it today) and I have to say this blog is a blessing! I’m quite nervous about the surgery and now DEFINITELY nervous about the therapy but the unknown is more frightening than the pain to me. I like the fact that you were able to go back to Jason for your therapy. I liked my therapist Kim that I went to before we knew it was a tear and hopefully will get her again (although her “Kiming” doesn’t sound as aggressive as “Jasoning”, I’ll have to tell her to ” bring it on!”) I will definitely be thinking of you in regards to “allowing the pain” and looking forward to reading your progress! Wish me luck! And wishing you a quicker recovery this time!!!

  2. Tom says:

    Anna, (I like that name 🙂 )

    I like the way you started off your comment – “I’m up at 2am because of shoulder pain.” Wow, does that ever sound familiar!!!

    The reason I blogged about my surgery was for people like you to have an idea of what to expect. And…to help you realize that you WILL get through it – just like I did (with my right shoulder) and WILL get through it (presently) with my left shoulder.

    The best way to look at rotator cuff surgery is that it will be an adventure (kind of like climbing Mt. Everest). You will join an elite group of individuals who have had one of the most painful and prolonged procedures that there is. I liken it to be kind of like being a member of a special forces unit. Whenever you see someone wearing a sling with the abduction pillow, you will want to ask them if they had rotator cuff surgery. When you find out they did, you can encourage them to “hang in there” and exchange some war stories with them.

    I will pray for you as you go in for surgery and as you begin the process of recovery. Let me know from time to time how it’s going for you.

    Thanks for your comment! See what I mean about becoming a member of the “special forces” rotator cuff surgery group. 🙂

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