Progress and Pain

Today I had my third appointment since Jason was given the go-ahead to start the PROM (passive range of motion) exercises.

The first appointment didn’t last very long because I couldn’t take the pain well, so he dismissed me early saying that I wouldn’t let him do much. That day, I only took one pain pill, and so I was very sensitive to his stretching exercises. I went home and had strong pain because of the little he had done.

The next appointment, I went ahead and took TWO of the pain pills. Jason was able to do a lot more and said that he made some progress. He gave me a “pulley” to take home and start working on raising my left arm by pulling the pulley with my right arm. The pulley mounts on the top of a doorway in the house. He told me to start using the pulley every day that I don’t come in for therapy. I already have several exercises that I’m supposed to do TWICE a day when I don’t come in. I went home and was exhausted and had strong pain because of the increased PROM’s.

Today, again, I took the TWO pain pills and Jason stretched me for an even longer session. He told me that he was able to get 25 degrees of the 90 that he is shooting for in the external motion. Again, he said that he made some progress and added another exercise for me to do at home every day that I don’t come in to see him.

I now have about 40 minutes of exercises that I’m supposed to do twice a day at home on the days I don’t go in for therapy. Once we get going on this, I’ll have about an hour and a half of therapy that I will have to do at the house.

After my session today, I had the worst pain so far since my surgery. It’s been 3 years since my right shoulder surgery. I had forgotten how rough it gets when Jason is working me, trying to get my range of motion back. He keeps pushing until he sees me reacting to the pain (or so it seems to me). Then, when I go home, I just want to collapse in my recliner (and thank God for the pain pills).

Today, I asked him whether he thought this shoulder would freeze up like my right shoulder did. He said that he has no way of knowing. I remembered today that we made similar progress with my right shoulder, but then we stopped making progress. At that point he told me that I was like a rubber band that would stretch, and then retract right back in about 30 minutes. I’m hoping that this shoulder won’t freeze up. The fancy gizmo I bought for my right shoulder will not work for my left shoulder ($1800).

Tonight, I’m going to try to sleep in my bed, instead of the recliner. I’ve been in it for 7 weeks now. This will be my third attempt to do that. Each previous attempt failed because of the pain. We’ll try again tonight. It would be great if I could.

Note: For those who are going to have this surgery, or are in the process of recovery, your results may vary from mine. As my therapist reminds me, “other people don’t have this hard of a time.” Some people are ‘loosie goosie,’ but you are tight as a drum.” I say all this because I don’t want you to be scared of something that may never happen to you. So, keep that in mind – “your results may vary.”

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