A Good Friday

This morning I had a PT appointment for 10 AM, but at 8:50 I got a call from Jenn (the receptionist) to tell me that Jason had a cancellation and that he could spend some extra time with me if I could come in early. So, I hurried to get dressed and came in at 9:30, and we went right to work on my shoulder.

I noticed that there seemed to be a more cheerful atmosphere in there today and I remarked to Jason concerning that. He asked me how long I was in the workforce. I told him that I worked in the telecommunications field for about 38 years. He said, “Well, I’m sure you remember that when Friday’s come around, the workers tend to be in a happier mood.” I agreed.

While Jason worked on me, he tried to engage me in conversation. I told him that I’d tell him the answer to his question when he took a break. He was really pushing hard on my external range of motion and it was extra painful because of that.

Jason tried to introduce a couple of new exercises today, but I was unable to do them because of the pain associated with them. At that, he asked me whether he should go ahead and order the JAS EZ Shoulder System (jokingly, but not really…). I told him to wait until January, like we did with my right shoulder (jokingly, but not really…).  He said that it might be better to get started with it earlier than later. I said, let’s not talk like that just yet.

JAS EZ ShoulderThis is the JAZ EZ shoulder system which was ultimately what was needed to unfreeze my right shoulder when Jason couldn’t make any more progress on my range of motion. It was to either use this device every day for a couple of months or have the dreaded MUA (manipulation under anesthesia). I opted to try the device, and thankfully, it worked to unfreeze my shoulder.

I spent 2 hours in the therapy center today, and I’m really grateful for the extra time I was able to spend with Jason due to a cancellation. He is a really dedicated therapist who really wants to help me. I thank God for him.

Between my rotator cuff therapy on my right shoulder and now my left, everybody at the therapy center knows me well. After I’m done with my exercises, they wrap my shoulder in ice packs and apply electrical stimulation pads to it. Then, without me even saying a work, Paula brings me a cup of coffee, prepared just the way I like it, and this concludes another session of therapy. These people are a blessing to me.

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4 Responses to A Good Friday

  1. Anita Wilson says:

    Tom, I’m sure they consider you a “model patient”–you faithfully show up for every appointment and work hard during the week on your at-home exercises. A dedicated and competent medical team is indeed a blessing!

  2. Kelly says:

    Nice to know there are still good people out there dedicated to their career & truly considerate of others. The coffee is a nice touch! Keep working & feeling better!

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