Week 9 – “Tom, the snail”

Friday marked my 9th week since surgery. Since I blogged my last shoulder surgery, I went back today to read how I was doing at this point in time. That rotator cuff surgery was August 30th of 2012. This surgery was August 27th of 2015. Since they were both almost to the day, it makes for an easy comparison.

In 2012, I was doing more Active Range of Motion exercises at this point. Jason had me doing a lot more exercises at home – because I was farther along with my range of motion. Lately, he’s been “joking” that we may as well go ahead and order the JAS EZ Shoulder System. That’s not funny, because he’s suggesting that this shoulder is freezing up.

This week, I asked him to give me an idea of how I compare to all the other patients that he’s worked on for shoulder surgery. He said that I was “tight.” He said that he recently had a woman come in right after removing her sling at 6 weeks, and he could get 60 degrees of external rotation on her. With my first appointment after sling removal, he couldn’t get to “0” degrees of external rotation. We are now in my 3rd week since my sling came off, and I’m presently getting 42 degrees of external rotation (of the 90 he’s looking for), and this week he really worked me hard.

So, it appears that this shoulder is making slower progress than my right shoulder did – and that shoulder ended up getting froze up. This week Jason told me that he was going to start calling me “Tom, the snail.” I said, “Why a snail?” He said, “because you’re making progress at a snail’s pace.” Now, that’s not very encouraging (guess he won’t be getting any more fresh roasted coffee 🙂 ).

On Wednesday of next week (11/4/15), I’ll have another appointment with my surgeon. He will receive a report from my therapist on my progress. If I don’t start getting better range of motion, I’m afraid he might start talking about the MUA procedure.

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