Week 11 – The slog

On Wednesday of this week, Jason (my therapist) asked me whether I had done my exercises at home on Tuesday. I told him that I hadn’t because I was sick. He then wanted to know what sickness I was suffering from. I explained to him what my problem was and why I could not do my exercises.

I then reminded him that he told me at one point that he was accepting of my having a day off each week from the exercises. He then said, “Yes, you can have that day off, IF you have faithfully done your exercises TWICE on each of the days that you don’t come in for therapy. Only under those conditions, can you have a day off.” He then said that he can tell whether I’m doing my exercises because I will be more “tight” than if I had done my “homework.”

When Jason is doing the painful PROM (passive range of motion) exercises, I make a lot of faces (like the header above this page) according to the amount of pain I’m dealing with. Jason told me that when I do my AROM (active range of motion) exercises, he wants to see the same “faces” that I make when he is working on me. I laughed and asked him whether he thought I was just “acting.” I told him the faces I make are because I’m in extreme pain, and that it is an involuntary response to the pain I’m being subjected to. He said that I’m going to have to push myself harder if I want to make more progress. He thinks that I’m being too easy on myself doing my home exercises.

Ok, today is Friday, and Jason could tell today that I had done my “homework” yesterday. He said that doing my exercises at home helps to “keep” the progress that we made when I come in and he stretches me. He said that without my own aggressive exercise at home, my tightness returns just like a rubber band contracting.

So, when it was all said and done this week, we did make some progress. I have now been going to therapy for 2 months. It does get old going in there 3 days a week and doing my “homework” on all the other days. And, what makes it a little depressing is that I don’t know when I will ever get done with this. It’s nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I don’t see it yet. But, I will press on.

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2 Responses to Week 11 – The slog

  1. Nancy says:

    That a boy, Tom!! This sounds like a point you were at with your last shoulder surgery. God took you through that one and He will this one too!!!

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