It has been fifteen weeks (almost four months) since my surgery, and I’ve been going to therapy for thirteen weeks (three times a week).

Today, I asked Jason (my therapist) what kind of progress we were making. I pointed out the fact that, at present, I can’t lift my affected arm to shoulder height. I asked him what was necessary to get my arm up higher. He said that there was nothing to do that we were not already doing. He said that until I get my range of motion back, we could not begin working on strengthening the shoulder.

I then asked him how much longer he thought it would take to get to the finish line. He said that, presently, we are making progress, and that as long as we are making progress (albeit slowly), we just had to keep going forward. He said, “I can tell you this with confidence, you may as well count on being here going into January.”

I also asked him when I will know whether I’m going to end up with a frozen shoulder like the last time. He said that as long as we are making progress each week, we don’t have to start that conversation. I asked him this because it was in January after my last shoulder surgery, that he and my surgeon concluded that my range of motion progress had stalled, and more radical measures were called for.

So, there it is. Rotator cuff repairs can take a long time to heal, and then even among those who have this surgery, there is no guarantee how long it will take each patient. We are all different, and there are differences in the amount of damage that was repaired. I’m always bugging Jason to try to find out how much longer it’s going to take, but like they say, “It ain’t over, till it’s over.”

Next Wednesday, I’ll have another appointment with my surgeon. He will see how high he can lift my arm before I start jumping, and then he’ll tell me to keep going to therapy. The appointment in January will be the critical one.




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2 Responses to Perseverence

  1. Nancy says:

    It’s so good to know you are still progressing in your recovery, Tom! No report of frozen shoulder is a great report!! We appreciate your blog so we can stay up-to-date on how you’re doing. 🙂

    Continuing in prayer on your behalf and loving you lots!!

    Dean and Nancy Sent from my iPhone


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