Christmas vacation

This Sunday (the 27th), it will be four months since I had my surgery. I have been in therapy for 14 weeks, having begun on September the 14th.

Yesterday, I asked Jason (my therapist) whether we would be done by the end of the month. I knew he would say no, but I asked him just to get his response. He told me that he “wished” we would be done by then. I then asked him when he thought we would be done. He said that he would be very happy if we were done by the end of January.

We are still making incremental progress, and so that is good. We have also started the strengthening exercises with weights and resistance bands. Jason still “works” on me, by forcing my arm into “stretched” positions. This is the most painful part of the therapy. He literally pushes my arm “hard” to get a “stretch.” This is the only way to break the scar tissue loose to recover the range of motion.

He then has me do a bunch of exercises where I force my arm myself into those stretch positions. This is self inflicted pain – you push until it hurts. There is no other way to get things loosened up.

I am progressing along as I did in my last rotator cuff surgery. It was in January that I started to freeze up after my last surgery. I was moving along slowly as now. So, I am hoping that I don’t run into the same situation this time around. The next two weeks, I will have only one appointment with Jason each week, and so all of the work of stretching will be on me here at home. Jason warned me that I had better not slack off, or we could lose some of the progress that we’ve worked hard to gain. I will do my best to not allow that to happen.

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