Not what I wanted to hear

Today I had my January appointment with my surgeon. As usual, he had me raise my arm as high as I could get it up (to my side and out in front), and then he took hold of it and forced it up until I winced in pain.

He told me that, although it looked like I’ve made some progress, I was not where he would like me to be at four months out from surgery.

He also told me that, because I am still having issues with pain, I may have damaged the repair. I told him that I didn’t remember any time (but once) where I could have damaged it. He said that it would not necessarily have been something that I would have noticed. He said that if things didn’t settle down, he would order another MRI on my next visit (2/3/15).

In conclusion, he said to continue with the therapy three days a week, and to “ask the man upstairs to make it get better.” I told him that I’ve already done the latter quite a few times.

So, although it looked for a little while like this shoulder repair was going to go better than the last one, it now looks like it could be about the same (and hopefully I have not damaged it). I am anxious for this to be done, but I’ll have to be patient.

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2 Responses to Not what I wanted to hear

  1. Kelly says:

    Wow! That is tough news to swallow.

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