MRI ordered

Today I had my monthly appointment with my surgeon. After evaluating my shoulder and reading the report from my therapist, he has ordered an MRI to discover whether I might have re-torn my rotator cuff after surgery.

I mentioned to him what the anesthesiologist had said after surgery, and about my almost having had to visit the emergency room after following his bad advice. He told me that that anesthesiologist was dismissed some time ago. He also told me that he did confront him about his advice to me. He said that he did not believe that what I did upon his advice would have caused me to re-tear the repair.

The doctor also said that because my tear was an irregular tear, it may take longer to heal completely. He said that he was hopeful that the MRI would reveal what is going on inside my shoulder. He would then know how to proceed.

Today during my therapy session, I asked Jason what he thought the doctor would have to say about my progress. He said that he believed the doctor would order an MRI.

I am very glad that the MRI has been ordered. This may put an end to the speculation about whether it has been re-torn, or whether it is just taking longer to heal. So, today was an answer to prayer for me.

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